Studio Policy

Tuition & Payment
Individual Lessons:    $55 / 30 min., $75 / 45 min., $95 / 1 hour

Annual Registration Fee: $77

Tuition for all the lessons in a given month is due in full at the first lesson each month. Students are expected to pay for all music book and materials. The teacher reserved the right to adjust fees at the beginning of each school year.

Student Attendance & Absence

Students are expected to arrive for lessons on time. Out of respect for other students, lessons will finish on time. We will do our best to reschedule lessons if a 24-hour cancellation was received. Lessons will not be rescheduled and tuition will not be refunded if a 24-hour notice was not received.

Sick Policy

To prevent the transmission of communicable diseases, no lesson will be given to students showing signs of illness, and family members with cold and flu symptoms must wear mouth masks. It is to everyone’s best interest that sick students stay home and rest. A 3-hour notification is required, and make-up lessons will be rescheduled after the student has recovered.

“No Food” Policy

Please keep the food and drinks out of the music studio, and the students must wash their hands before their lessons.

Teacher Absence

The teacher reserves the right to cancel lessons due to illnesses or professional performance engagements.  The lessons can be rescheduled or a full refund/credit will be issued at the students’ discretion.


Students who wish to withdraw from the studio may do so at the end of a month and must provide a 21-day written notice before the first lesson of that month.


Students are expected to practice 5 days a week, and at least 30 minutes a day.  Practice time should be lengthened to 1 hour a day or more as the student’s level become more advanced. The time spent doing theory homework should not be counted as practice time.


There are two recitals in a year.  Students are required to attend both recitals and perform assigned pieces.

Concert / Outside Performance Attendance

Music is more than a technical skill; great musicians need to appreciate music from an audience’s perspective. There are many free or low-cost concerts in the Bay Area which students are encouraged to attend. With broader music appreciation, students can start to develop individual styles to accompany their technical skills.

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to attend and quietly observe lessons once a month if they so desire.  The teacher reserves the right to ask the parent not to attend if the parent’s presence alters the quality of the lesson.  Parents are expected to encourage students and to be active participants during practice at home.

Office Hours

The teacher might be unable to discuss students’ progress with parents before or after the lesson if other students have lessons at that time.  Parents may call or email if they have concerns or questions.

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Updated June 26, 2017